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What happens when technology and beauty team up? Well, from my expiriance I would say a lot! So today I want to introduce you the beauty brand to remember - DOCTOR BABOR from Germany. 

First, I want to say few words about the Ultrasonic Skin Activator by Doctor Babor. Ultrasonic Skin Activator is the ultimate two-in-one product. It offers a combination of iontophoresis-based cleansing and ultrasound (micro-massage) and the nourishing gels contain the correct gliding effect and provide the skin with moisture. In the package you get the device including DOCTOR BABOR Ionic Cleansing Gel and DOCTOR BABOR TECH CELLULAR Hyaluronic Ultrasound Gel. 

And how does it work? 

Ionic Deep Cleansing:

1. First you need to wash your face and neck in your usual way and remove your makeup; 

2. After applying the Ionic Cleasing Gel to both sides of your face and neck, switch on the ICONIC function and then gently move the transducer in a gliding motion over your skin as shown in the diagram. Reapply Ionic Cleasing Gel as necessary. A signal tone will sound after 2,5 minutes, then you change to the other half of your face and repeat the process. After remove any excess Ionic Cleaning Gel with water.

Anti-Aging Ultrasound:

1. After Ionic Deep Cleansing, apply the Hyaluronic Ultrasound Gel to your face and sides of your neck like a face mask. It is very important to have enough amount of the product on your face, so the device glides smoothly over your skin. After 5 minutes, the signal tone will sound and move to the other half of your face and treat in exactly the same way. 

 2. To finish wash off your face with plenty of water and moisturiz your skin with the cream. 

After the almost two-weeks of using Ultrasonic Skin Activator I can see already reactions on my face. Condition of skin is stable, smooth and glowy and the best thing after every use the skin is toned during the day, like I just woke up from a 8 hour sleep. I'm very, very happy!

For the perfect finish I treat my skin with Doctor Babor Collagen Boost Infusion and Doctor Babor Lifting Cellular cream, even I don’t have age wrinkles yet to be able to comment, but I can tell you that my skin looked healthier in general. The cream doesn’t have a fragrance and it absorbs into the skin quickly and makes perfect base for putting my makeup on. 

Thank you Doctor Babor! 


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