Heeey, peeps! Hope you are doing just perfect! I'm alive and I didn't stop blogging, no worries. ;) There was just no time to do any updates on my blog. But hey, there is always myINSTAGRAM andFACEBOOK account with all the latest updates to catch up on! ;) Sooo, I'm back from my almost three-week-long vacation in the States and just now I can feel how exhausted I am from all the adventures! 

I don't even know where to start! There's been a lot going on... visiting NYC after almost three years, attending NYFW for the first time as a blogger and ending this summer in beautiful Miami. Too much for such a short period of time, but me and my dear friend Tina made it! Woohoo, can't wait to tell you all about it! 

Stay tuned! 
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Hey folks! It's a beautiful Sunday morning and I'm trying to put myself together and start packing my things for the next three weeks I'm going to spend in NYC & Miami! I'm flying tomorrow in the early morning so I should really start asap, but I'm kinda convincing myself I don't really need much, since in NYC shopping is a must! I truly believe I shouldn't overpack, so I will have some extra space in my luggage on the way back! I really hate packing - I have so many things placed in between Ljubljana and Munich and it's always so hard to take "the right" things with me!

Anyhow, you didn't hear from me since I left Munich because last two weeks were super busy! I came back to Ljubljana after a month, had lots of meetings, a shooting and we finished another beautiful project which I can't wait to share it with you! Very SOON!

This time I would also like to say thanks to online shop that took care of me with all the necessary supplies to make my next trip easier, more organised and fashionable in one!

Let the adventure begins... NYC, get ready, I'm coming! ;)

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All items avaliable on, except the new CalypsoCrystal case for iPhone that is coming out soon;