Heeey, peeps! Hope you are doing just perfect! I'm alive and I didn't stop blogging, no worries. ;) There was just no time to do any updates on my blog. But hey, there is always myINSTAGRAM andFACEBOOK account with all the latest updates to catch up on! ;) Sooo, I'm back from my almost three-week-long vacation in the States and just now I can feel how exhausted I am from all the adventures! 

I don't even know where to start! There's been a lot going on... visiting NYC after almost three years, attending NYFW for the first time as a blogger and ending this summer in beautiful Miami. Too much for such a short period of time, but me and my dear friend Tina made it! Woohoo, can't wait to tell you all about it! 

Stay tuned! 
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Hey folks! It's a beautiful Sunday morning and I'm trying to put myself together and start packing my things for the next three weeks I'm going to spend in NYC & Miami! I'm flying tomorrow in the early morning so I should really start asap, but I'm kinda convincing myself I don't really need much, since in NYC shopping is a must! I truly believe I shouldn't overpack, so I will have some extra space in my luggage on the way back! I really hate packing - I have so many things placed in between Ljubljana and Munich and it's always so hard to take "the right" things with me!

Anyhow, you didn't hear from me since I left Munich because last two weeks were super busy! I came back to Ljubljana after a month, had lots of meetings, a shooting and we finished another beautiful project which I can't wait to share it with you! Very SOON!

This time I would also like to say thanks to online shop that took care of me with all the necessary supplies to make my next trip easier, more organised and fashionable in one!

Let the adventure begins... NYC, get ready, I'm coming! ;)

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All items avaliable on, except the new CalypsoCrystal case for iPhone that is coming out soon;



FINALLY! I have been delaying with this post – I really do apologize. Everyone is asking me why I didn't do blog updates while staying in NYC but honestly there was just no time! Besides that I really wanted to enjoy every minute of my trip so I didn't stress myself with writing blogposts. Trust me, it's hard work! I really need the right time and the right vibe to write and so here it is! After a few busy - including the jet-lagged - days in Ljubljana, I got back home to Munich and settled down in my working place and I am ready to tell you my story.

SO as you know, I have been in NYC before, living and working there as a model. I was all crazy about the energy and the love I have for this city goes back to 2012. I had the time of my life, not to mention the successful work I had done there. And this year I went back after almost three years - feels like long time no doubt! Let me just mention that this was my first time going there on "vacation", with my friend Tina. Well, in the end there was no real vacation, but we survived! I want to thank my dear friend Tina for being my "partner in crime" during all three weeks. It was no easy task, I have to admit, but we've made it! Why so? Well, the very last minute before the day of our departure, I decided to give it a try and attend NYFW as a blogger for the first time, and later on that day my registration was confirmed - at that moment everything turned upside down! I was looking for some proper outfits for NYFW the very last second, and today I can't be more happy I had made this decision to get a few of my favorite pieces from a young but very talented Slovenian designer Matic Veler. Matic, sorry for that very last minute call and thanks for such great creations that made me feel so damn good! Respect! 

After we landed to JFK airport and started driving toward our apartment on Manhattan, all the memories came back and they were so vivid, it was crazy! The very first morning we woke up super early and spent the entire day like first-time tourists! We went sightseeing - everything that was worth visiting as that was the first time in NYC for Tina. Even though we were so tired and didin't sleep much, we had enough energy to go out and party! I tell you, this city gives you energy like no other! So the first two days were on "very easy" mode - went to places and just enjoying the city. On the third day of our stay NYFW started so we had to get ready and rock the scene! Haha, ok honestly we had no doubt what it actually means to attend NYFW... so as we got there the real craziness began! Literally. I really though we would be sitting somewhere behind, watching the shows and that's it, no big deal. But then, as I stepped out of the taxi I realized it was going to be much more than just a leisurely activity. A very interesting fact about the whole thing is my experience of walking NYFW in 2012 as a model, which was back then very stressful, but then attendning the same thing as a blogger turned out to be a completely different thing! And I have to say that this time it was even harder! While you are on the shows as a model, you represent a designer's work and nobody really cares about you, the model personally, but then going out there as a blogger and representing yourself and your personal style - now that's another thing entirely: numerous photographers following you from the moment you step out of the taxi to the start of the show, and then the feeling when you're sitting, all relaxed & ready to watch the show but at the same moment remembering the last time I was here and knowing that total chaos rules the backstage made me feel strange and confused.

Nevertheless, I am glad I had the opportunity to experience both sides! Can't decide what was more excited! A big highlight of it was being featured and other fashion portals as one of the best street style looks on NYFW! I wish Matic could have been there with me to see and feel how much people were impressed by his work! I really felt good in his creations, and people could definitely see it!

Besides all the NYFW craziness, we had a lot of fun and attended great parties, which for me are the best NYC feature. The night before we left to Miami was especially wild & awesome. I got to catch up with a friend of mine, dear Loui Ferry who worked as a hairstylist on NYFW and we had a really great night out together! It's always a pleasure to meet your people unexpectedly on the other side of the world!

After the crazy week in NY, we left for a proper vacation on the South Beach in Miami, more about that is coming in the next post! I'm still so hyped from all the energy and love this city has, it's crazy! I would move there right now, I swear! 

Ah New York, dear New York.. thank you! Looking forward to go back soon! This time I won't wait three years again, for sure!

Until next time...






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Traveling is my biggest pleasure, but packing? Well I don’t really know a single person who loves it, and neither do I! But after my latest trip to Barcelona I have experienced something new, and I want to share it with you! 

First, let me tell you a bit about my “rules” when it comes to traveling/packing. In the last almost 10 years of my intensive traveling around the world I've learned how important it is to organize yourself and think about what exactly you need on your travels! I have created a few categories for an easier order of packing.  
1. DOCUMENTS – first, of course, you need to make sure you have all the documents and that they are valid (passport, visas, health insurance etc.). Once you are able to travel, check the weather at your travel destination, so you can plan the hardest part – if you ask me! – 2. CLOTHES – packing clothes, shoes, accessories… I hate the fact that I always need to decide my looks in advance, while in reality I choose my everyday outfits based on my morning mood. This is also the point where I learned it's better to take less, because I always do some shopping when it comes to city trips. So besides the weather, the duration of your trip is always good to have in mind. That way it's easier to create looks for each day. The next important category is 3. ELECTRONIC DEVICES. When I travel, I always take my phone, computer, camera and all chargers with me. And at last I pack my 4. BEAUTY products. I always recommend to take just the most essential products you use on a daily base and you are not able to get them on your travel destination. Products like shampoos, body lotions etc., can take up a lot of place and spill, but in the end you can always get those on your destination. It's much easier than taking them with you, and worrying the whole way there whether something will spill and whether your luggage will exceed the weight limit.  
Once you organize your things for packing, comes a very important fact - how will you carry all your things with you? The choice of suitcase is very important. Let me just tell you how naive and inexperienced I was on one of my first model trips to Taiwan for 3 months. So my suitcase broke on the way there, I really didn’t stress about it in the next three months. But when I was about to leave home, I went to buy my very first suitcase, alone. So back then my point was ''I want the biggest (because I did a lot of shopping there) and the coolest one!'' And I got one - a huuuge suitcase in pink color (haha really? PINK?!), and the weight of suitcase itself was 10 kg! I was walking all proud with a new suitcase in which I had all my things! I was feeling like a winner until I came to the luggage DROP OFF desk at the airport and I realized I was like 15 kg overweight. O M G, what a nightmare! So in the end I paid a lot, but I learned an important lesson – NEVER EVER! Yeah, sweet 16! :D 
So that’s why I said the choice of your suitcase is very important! Because with the right suitcase, traveling is much easier! The facts you should consider about before buying one are SIZE – for carry on bag there are special sizes, the WEIGHT – the lighter it is, the better, QUALITY - did you ever think what they do with your suitcases? They are definitely not gentle and careful, so if the suitcase is not made out of good quality materials, they can break easily.
And so for the last trip to Barcelona I got myself a new SUITSUIT set of these three beautiful Fabulous Fifties suitcases in pastel colors. Well, beside the total fashionable look I have to admit that all the important facts I wrote down apply to my new suitcases. Light, quality and easy to get around! On top of it with great design! Well done, SUITSUIT! 

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The sea, sun on my skin and good food... my Sunday was all about that! Just as I planned. I had a creative and super relaxing weekend in my newly discovered place in Italy @PORTOPICCOLO Sistiana, Trieste. Heaven on Earth - just an hour away from my hometown Ljubljana. I spent the whole Sunday in one of the most exclusive and enjoyable beach clubs on the Adriatic coast. Portopiccolo beach club offers the comfort, privacy and luxury view of the Adriatic sea. Beside all the beauty this place has, I have to mention a great food offer in their Maxi's restaurant! As you already know I'm a big food lover and they absolutely surprised me with the "turbo fish", recommended directly by the chef of the kitchen. What to say - you can imagine it tasted delicious, because it was gone in a second! After such a great day of indulgence, my summer time has officially started! Porotopiccolo team, thank you once again for having me and for all of your kindess. 

I'm definitely looking forward to go back there soon!

XO, Anela

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H&M black swimwear // HMxCoachella red dress // Zara sandals // Calzedonia pink swimwear // Zara white dress // Mango jeans shorts // HMxCoachella white top // Zara sunnies